Yegor Tolkunov

1943, July 18 – was born in the village of Petrovka, Genichesk District, Kherson Region, Ukraine.

1969 – graduated from Kishinyev Republican Arts College named after I.Ye.Repin/

Since 1971 – has lived and worked in Kherson, Ukraine, taking part in republican, international, foreign, group and personal exhibitions/

2007 – personal exhibition in Kiev.

Yegor Tolkunov has been working in the field of art for more than 40 years. His first works appeared in 1970 Looking back, one can define peculiarities of his creative work and single out main landmarks of the creative work and single out main landmarks of the artist’s life in arts. His individuality can be read in the complicated image of solution his creative ideas filled with spirituality and philosophical sense. A number of canvases in which the artist turns to his childhood impressions takes place in his works. His trips around Ukraine and abroad have been of great importance in the formation of the artist’s intellect, broadening his mental outlook. He was able to visit Poland, German, France, England, the USA, Turkey, Norway, Estonia, etc.


The subject range of Tolkunov’s   works is quite diverse.

However, he prefers the genre – painting that is directly connected with man and exposes his inner word.

In the 70s, the artist created a series of paintings devoted to the peasant – woman, that is directly associated with his mother (My Mother, Conversation, Letter). The boundless love, gratitude and respect are clearly visible in these works of art. A few works of the period are closely linked with his own biography, which embody a fate of the children’s generation of the war time. (My Childhood, Birthday, etc)

Those years, the theme of “Artist and Teachers” became especially crucial for him. His paintings In the Artist’s Studio, Artist, Stillife with Tools seem to involve the spectator in the artist’s life.

Gradually, an image of a beautiful young woman in which he seeks the perfection of nature becomes an important point in Tolkunov’s works. The numerous portraits of women are pointed with special poetics and elegance (the Mistery of Life, the Nude, My Madonna, The Evening Romance, ete.)

A separate page in the artist’s work is represented in his townscapes in which expressed impressions of his tour to Kent, Washington, the USA where he had been invited to for making a murial in the exterior. Working at composition proved to be very, useful for the artist’s further search.

One of Tolkunov’s splendid arts achievements in the last decade became a series of canvases painted as a result of his stay at the Sviato-Uspensky Pskovo-Pechersky monastery in Russia. Turning to the sources of the Orthodox culture has enriched his masterpiece with a deep understanding of the veritable human values. He answers the eternal philosophical question “What is the truth?” with the assertion of true spiritual beginning. The artist is capable of making his spectator get involved in the process of trying to find the sense of his idea. (Frieds, my Son’s Portait, Holy Eucharist)

Today, summing up more than 40 years of the artist’s creative work, we surely can state his great contribution in the arts of this country. A steady affirmation of genuine spiritual values should certainly be recognized as the main point in Ye.Tolkunov’s works. This very idea is constantly inspiring his search of new expressive forms, while at the same time he is and stays an artist of these days.

                                                                                                          L.M. Volshtain,

                                                                                               Art critic

Kherson Arts Museum,

Kherson, Ukraine