Avrora creates rich colorful textures and blends layers of paint. His paintings are full of expression of metaphysical experiences. The bright saturation combined with the rich multiplicity of rough structures and local bright spots creates a space with the erased barriers between art and life. This is a significant feature of the contemporary art: an artist isn’t limited by a rigid framework. Each artist’s masterpiece is considered individually and the audience begins to believe in the power of their imagination.

Art in the modern world has reached an emotional level. The artist talks to the audience through his artistic works, reveals his vision of the universe by feelings and emotions. Reflecting a beauty of jars or landscapes on realistic pictures is not enough anymore. Avrora doesn’t target to conquer the audience with something new, he just lives in his world and invites us to discover it. He offers us to share the feelings he experiences when emerging a new work of art.

“Contemporary art just as a punk philosophy reflects the heartfelt emotions not only of an artist but also of the whole world; it reveals the true condition of the humanity. Contemplating a work of art, a person feels shock, so that he sees his inner state that usually is not recognized under a thick layer of false emotions”, that’s what Avrora says of his art.