Alexander Glyadyelov. Just be yourself.


He touches unpopular and complicated subjects, which make you think deeply. His work is a masterpiece and it shows a different world. This world had turned upside down twenty years ago (when the Soviet Union collapsed) and makes it difficult for us to find the place in it.Written by Vladimir Neskromnyi Alexander Glyadyelov (was born in 1956) portrays complicity and originality in the modern Russian photography. He does not follow the general rules, but rather plays his own game. He deals with acute social problems, including the most unpopular painful and offensive issues. Who wants to know about homeless teenagers? Catalogues are full of cheerful flowers, fluffy kittens and cute photo models of both genders. And nobody cares what the camera is needed for – to capture the very bottom of human lives, something what we have just heard about. However, this something is as close to us as a display of a brand new photo salon at the prestigious Moscow street. It’s a shame we are publishing Alexander Glyadyelov’s portfolio just now. He is very creative person, dealing with the multiply subjects, and periodically changing the direction of his activities. However, his shots of the homeless children, in my opinion, should be shown every day right next to some fancy supermarkets, so that their visitors might feel the contrast. What for all of these products grouping, the best price and performance ratio and entertainment technologies? In this case, the picture appears as an obstacle to the market development. Nevertheless, at the same time this picture shows the real life. Apparently, this is the picture, being determined by analytics at their meetings, focus groups and brain storms. The solution is quite simple. If the audience is shocked looking at the Alexander Glyadyelov’s photos, what does the author feel taking pictures of poor and homeless people especially children? This is a true photograph. It is neither beautiful, non technically perfect, but the one cannot be forgotten. Alexander Glyadyelov is a documentary photographer. He shoots on black and white film, processed on his own. He lives in Kiev, does a lot of traveling, as his main customers are the Doctors without Borders, the International Red Cross, UNICEF, UNAIDS, the Global Fund.

All shots by Alexander Glyadyelov

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