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Date(s) - 12/08/2011 - 13/08/2011
All Day

Кинбурнская коса


Eco-Art-festival “International waters”


Gallery Joseph

Music studio


Gallery Joseph and music studio Sunsmile
with the support
Regional Landscape Park
“Kinburn Spit”
and public association “Kinburn-Life”
Pokrovka village
Ochakiv region
Gulf coast Yahorlyts’ka
12-13 August 2011

The main aim of festival it’s to attract community attention to problems protection reserved area of nature, particularly so unique region – the Kinburn Spit. The festival is intended to promote active position of Ukrainians to conserve natural resources and enhancing richness of homeland.

Performances of music groups from Southern Region

Young artists from Mikolayiv and Kherson

Provide with art-event

  • Quintessence, Dots beats, N.A.P., Lagrang and other…
  • Fashion show, The collection of ecological clothes from paper.
  • Master-class “Flight of dreams”. The young family of artists-teachers will made kites with all comers from paper and rubbish, to propose an alternative to this debris pollution the environment.
  • Performance “Our masks”. Ecology of our inner world is not less important as environment ecology.
  • Money-show. The jewelers will mint commemorative coin with festival emblem just in front of public.
  • Body-, face-art.
  • Night cinema.
  • Gala concert with all bands in the end of festival.

 The seminar
with direction and and employees RLP “Kinburn Spit”
for discussion of such question

  • Historical events that took place in Kinburn;
  • Kinburn biodiversity: flora, avifauna, etc. ..;
  • Problems with development of protected objects and public participation in their resolution.

Also, participants and guests of the festival keep by their signatures another ecological action.

There were done round robin
to the President of Ukraine,
in which one write about stop illegal privatization of especially valuable lands on the Black Sea (territory RLP “Kinburnskaya Spit” and NNP “Biloberezhzhya Sviatoslav”)

The project

Kinburn Biodiversity: flora, avifauna, etc. ..;

Quintessence, the group UA, Dots beats, NAP,

Lagrang and others …

 Fashion show.

Showing collection of ecological clothing from paper

Master Class “Flight of Dreams.”


 Марія Павелко©



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